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Tips on Choosing an Orlando Insurance Agent

If you are shopping for insurance in Orlando, it is important to take time to research all of your options before you buy any type of policy.  From auto and property to health and life insurance, knowing the details and terms of a policy can truly help you make the right investment for protection.  But as you may know, consumers do not have in-depth knowledge about insurance policies.  They may know the basics but they rely on their agents and brokers to match them to policies, make recommendations, and explain terms and conditions that may be full of legalities that are difficult to comprehend.  Doing business with an agent is still very important to many residents in Orlando.  If you are looking for the best Orlando Insurance agent, here are some tips to help you choose an experienced professional who will keep your best interests in mind:

Consider the Insurance Agent’s Qualifications

One of the first things any wise consumer should do is review an agent’s qualifications before doing business with them.  While some young agents are hungry, experience does matter in the field.  It takes time for an agent to become familiar with the policies they sell, underwriting guidelines, and industry specific information.  Experienced agents will have professional designations like a CLU or CFP.  If the agent has these letters following their name, you know they have had advanced training in the products that they sell.

Know What Type of Insurance Agent You Are Dealing With

There are several different types of insurance agents.  There are agents who work for a single carrier, agents who work with a carrier but are not employed by them, and independent agents who can work with more than one carrier.  Agents working with one carrier may have more experience with the products.  On the other hand, consumers may have more options to find quality products when dealing with independents who can quote more than one policy from one insurer.

Know What to Ask the Professional

Not all agents are created equally.  Some agencies are much more dedicated to offering customer service and others are more focused on sales.  You should take time to ask each agency questions before you make any final decisions.  When you ask the following questions, you can make coming to a decision much easier:

*  Which companies does the professional represent?  Are they captive or independent?
*  What lines of Orlando insurance does the agency sell?  Does the agency offer all of the types of products that you have a need for or plan on having a need for in the future?
*  Does the agency offer discounts if you purchase more than one product from the company?
*  Does the agency perform regular reviews of their customers’ portfolios to ensure they are adequately covered?
*  What payment options does the agency offer?

If you take the time to research your decision, you can find agents who are ready to help you in Orlando.  Take time, use the Internet to do homework, and request quotes from agents who are experienced, customer service oriented, and concerned with your best interests.