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How to Get an Insurance Quote Online

If you are shopping for car insurance in Orlando, finding affordable rates has never been easier. All drivers in the state of Florida want to save money on their auto policies. In the past, drivers were required to visit their local agent’s office just to request auto insurance quotes, receive coverage recommendations, and compare rates quotes from different insurers in the industry. Now, with advanced online quoting systems, drivers who want to save money can do all of this from for the comforts of their own home and on their own schedule. If you are used to requesting quotes in the traditional manner, here are tips on how to request your car insurance quotes online so that you can save time.

Gather All of Your Current Information

If you currently have insurance, the easiest way to request a quote online is to make sure that you have your current declarations page in front of you. Your auto declarations page will have a large portion of the information you will need to request a quote in a matter of minutes. Not only can you get the information you need for an accurate quote off of your current declarations page, you can also compare the premiums you will be paying for every coverage option. This will help you make an educated decision when you are choosing whether or not the quote is more affordable than the policy you are already paying for. Here is the information you can gather from the declarations page of your current policy:

  • Year, Make, Model, VIN of vehicles
  • Current coverage options and limits
  • Current garaging address for vehicles
  • Violations and accidents may appear on some documents
  • Current usage and mileage of each vehicle

What Else You Will Need For An Accurate Quote

To get the most accurate car quote you will need some information that may not appear on your current declarations page. If you guess and enter the wrong information, your quote may end up coming back higher once you purchase the policy. This is why it is so important to make sure that you have everything you need before you request all of your online quotes. Here is some information that can help you save money and ensure your quotes will not change once they go through physical underwriting:

  • Name, date of birth, license number, and year licensed for each driver (If anyone has been licensed in a place other than Orlando, make sure you have their previous license number.)
  • Grades for student drivers.
  • Dates of tickets and at-fault accidents (If you are not sure of the dates, ask your current insurer for a Letter of Experience.)

Now that you know what you need, you can log on and request an Orlando car insurance quote today. Make sure that you verify all of the information that you enter into the system. If you enter correct information about your car, the drivers, and your driving experience, you can decide which policy is the best at home. Find affordable insurers in Orlando and make an informed switch.