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How to Tell if Your Roof Needs Replacing

Roofs are one of the parts of the home that tend to cause homeowners the most headaches: how do you know if something is a simple fix or the sign of a serious problem? Many people are wary of calling in the professionals for an issue that seems small, but an unattended leak or structural issue can grow into a major threat to your home.... Read Article

How to Handle Being Hit While Parked

Hit and run accidents frequently occur while a vehicle is parked on the street, in a parking structure or at the local shopping mall. Often the guilty party does not leave contact information which leaves the vehicle owner with the problem of getting the damage repaired. To add to the burden, many people are unclear on what to do in this situation and are unsure... Read Article
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Florida Insurance Quotes

  • I will recommend your Agency to all my friends.

  • I will reccommend your agency to my friends & family.

  • They insure multiple rental properties for me, and all with ease

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  • ...you'd be amazed sometimes how much you can save!

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  • This insurance agency did above and beyond any agency I dealt with in the past

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